Framehawk Workplace

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개발자: Framehawk, Inc.
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Framehawk provides a software platform that enables secure, high-performance application delivery, enabling organizations to immediately use corporate- or employee-owned iPads with critical business applications in the enterprise, without risking data leakage or compromising user experience.

Framehawk’s platform means existing applications of all types, including "thick" Windows client/server applications and web applications using any technology including Flash and Silverlight, can be quickly and easily mobilized with no requirement for redevelopment or changes to the applications in any way. The applications run in a secure container which can be deployed in the public cloud, private cloud or in a virtual appliance in an organization’s data center.

Framehawks platform is compatible with SAML 2.0 and allows users to be automatically logged in enterprise application supporting this standard.

Framehawks Workplace app automatically supports many user experience enhancements to support touch and gestures without putting any data on the iPad itself.

The architecture also enables fast, secure delivery of new applications, such as the latest HTML5 web apps, with no browser incompatibility issues and without requiring secure containers or VPN to be deployed on the iPad.